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The Diamond Dotz- How To Master The Art?

Do you have a brand new set of Diamond Dotz Kitz but are unsure how to proceed? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. You’ll find detailed instructions on how to do Diamond Dotz craft here, as well as a few tips for making your endeavor a success.

If you’re hearing Diamond Dotz for the first time, welcome to a fun and spectacular way of relaxing your senses. Diamond Dot Kitz Canada is readily available at most of the top stores. The craft is a paint-by-number project or cross-stitch project that involves sparkling cute square diamonds. So why wait? See the full list here and enjoy this crafty saga to your heart’s content.

What Are Diamond Dotz?

If you have a kit in your hand, this information might not be new to you. The following information is intended for beginners who would want to try their hands at Diamond Dotz.

Diamond Dotz are sticky fabrics on which sparkly little diamonds are pasted. The round-shaped diamonds/ Dotz are made from resin and measure about 2.5mm in diameter. Shiny dots are pasted onto designs printed on adhesive fabrics using stylus pens. The diamonds’ shiny top faces give the assembled designs a sparkling appearance.

Interestingly, Diamond Dotz are sometimes referred to as diamond painting or diamond embroidery, even when no painting or embroidery is involved. Nevertheless, the finished product stands true to its name. Available in two designs, a partial drill, and a full drill, Diamond Dotz is interesting and an ideal way to spend time. Partial drill designs have adhesive covering only a portion of the printed canvas, whereas full drill designs cover the entire canvas.

Simple and easy to learn, this craft is a great way to relax after a stressful day.

What’s inside your Diamond Dotz Kit?

A diamond Dotz kit consists of the following items:

  • Polyester fabric with printed design covered with adhesive
  • Cellophane film covering the adhesive fabric
  • Number/ color grid to guide users to place Diamond Dotz
  • Stylus, craft tray, wax caddy, and a comfort grip
  • Multiple packets of Dotz coded and sorted by colors

Besides the items included in the kit, you may also need tweezers, scissors, and a container to sort your dots. When you are familiar with the items, it is time to start crafting. Below is a step-by-step guide.

Beginning with the diamond painting

  • Step 1: Unroll your fabric canvas. If required, tape the corners of the fabric on a surface with stencil tape.
  • Step 2: Peel the cellophane tape away from the fabric where you are about to start. Ensure your hands are clean and the tape doesn’t get soiled until you are done with the canvas. This will prolong the life of your fabric adhesive.
  • Step 3: Pick your colored Dotz and place them on the craft tray.
  • Step 4: Dip the stylus head into the wax caddy and coat them well. Close the wax after use.
  • Step 5: Place the stylus head over the round side of Dotz and pick it up
  • Step 6: Match your colored Dotz to the code on printed fabric and stick the diamonds onto the fabrics.
  • Step 7: Continue the process, one shade at a time, until the entire design is complete.

Here are some tips to make your painting a success

  1. After every use, cover your fabric with cellophane tape.
  2. Keep Diamond Dotz kit away from pets and children.
  3. Work from the bottom up to avoid exposing adhesive
  4. Ensure that dots are placed perfectly over the symbols with tweezers
  5. Clean the fabric with a soft and damp cloth in case it gets dirty.
  6. Once the Dotz are placed on the fabric, cover it with protective film and press firmly over it to stitch the Dotz perfectly