Year: 2020

When do you need to do tooth extraction?

A tooth extraction serves as a dental choice. In this procedure, the tooth will be removed from the socket or dental alveolus. It is performed by an experienced oral surgeon. But still, periodontists and general dentists also perform tooth extraction procedures. Dentistry On Wellington is experienced and skilled to do dental extractions. They work on a goal to maintain their client’s teeth intact as it is the preferred and best dental option. If you are reading about the tooth extraction procedure for the first time, you can learn more here in detail.

Before doing a tooth extraction, the dentist will completely examine your mouth, gums, and teeth. Most dentists do not suggest tooth extraction immediately. They try to safeguard your teeth. It is taken as the last option when it cannot be evaded. So, they ensure to perform the teeth extraction surgery painlessly and simply. First, they would numb the part where the tooth is removed. The patient’s comfort is important and it should be taken care of while performing dental procedures.

There are two kinds of extraction procedures. They are as follows:

Surgical extraction: It is performed when it is challenging to access the tooth. It is mostly recommended when the tooth is broken within the gum line or when the tooth is not completely interrupted. The dentist would incision to remove the soft tissues surrounding the tooth. It is also performed by giving general anesthesia.

Simple extraction: It is mostly performed under local anesthesia. A simple extraction method is selected when the tooth is seen on the mouth.

Reasons why dentists suggest tooth extraction:

  • Irreparable tooth damage because of severe decay: It happens when the decay spreads till the tooth’s center that is the pulp. The bacteria developed by the decay cause infection and affect the pulp. To treat this condition, the dentist would perform the root canal procedure and cure the infection. But if it is severe, they would do the extraction and avoid spreading of infection.
  • Periodontal disease: It is the infection of the periodontal ligaments, gums, alveolar bones, and structures close to the teeth. Gingivitis is the early phase of periodontal disease that is gum infection. If it gets severe, it affects the alveolar bone and periodontal ligaments. It is caused due to the bacteria that is a sticky substance developed on the teeth several hours without brushing and after eating. By regularly brushing teeth and getting a dental checkup, you can easily prevent periodontal disease. In some cases, it ends up in the tooth loosening. In this situation, the dentist would recommend tooth extraction as it is the only option.
  • Eliminate tooth crowding: There are chances for the dentist to suggest tooth extraction to reduce overcrowding. Tooth extraction is also recommended when the patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment. When there is no space for the teeth to realign or move, they suggest a tooth extraction. The orthodontist will examine your overall status of the teeth and see whether there is any room to move for better alignment.

The best dental hygiene to add in the daily routine schedule

dental care

The significance of dental care
Dental care is essential to prevent dental diseases as dental expenses cost too high. The cost of the dental treatment service is high due to the high-quality maintenance of different types of equipment involved in the whole process. Some teeth may decay completely, and hence a complete and customized replacement procedure has to be performed in the form of surgery. We all know that customization is expensive irrespective of the term used in various fields. We will discuss the whole procedure some other day, as our concept in this article is to provide the best tips for dental hygiene.

We have consulted a wide range of experts in the field and felt better with the tips provided by the Garcia Dental Care, and hence we have listed them in our list of top five dental care tips. People who are also facing difficulty in restricting their children from sweets and candies and hence they can click here and review the top techniques which can help the little companions to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Brush and floss at least twice a day
The oral health is directly proportional to the overall physical health of the human, and hence all the people must take care of their oral health. We have brought the best tips which can maintain the reader’s teeth healthy and will provide a bright smile to their teeth.
Many people are lazy, and hence they avoid brushing their teeth twice a day. Many experts recommend that brushing and flossing teeth twice a day is the best to maintain a beautiful smile. People should also brush their teeth for at least two minutes to remove the dirt and kill the germs and also have to cover all the teeth present on the jaw.

Keeping the body hydrated
Water is significant for overall health, and for oral health, it can result in excessive production of saliva. Water is better than drinking any carbonated drinks. The carbonated beverages contain sugar, which can lead to plague due to contamination from bacteria.

Avoid or have less sugary products
Sugar is the leading cause of the plaque, and hence we cannot completely restrict the amount of the sugar but at least minimize the quantity of consumption in our eating habits.

Surplus vitamin D and calcium is good
Calcium can make the tooth healthy, and vitamin D is vital for the absorption of the calcium in the body. One can get enough vitamin D by having early sunlight in the morning.

A regular dental visit is necessary
The most important habit in dental hygiene is to visit a dentist occasionally for the complete oral health check-up. The dentists can check the jaw and gums and can also detect any flaws, and hence early treatment can be started, which can minimize the effect of the problem later. We recommend that people visit a dentist at least once every six months.