Month: June 2019

Taking Care of the Landscape of Your Property


Changes in seasons and weather can have a substantial impact on the visual appeal of your garden. Your lawn may lose its beauty if you fail to make necessary adjustments when a new season begins its approach. It is best to gather information about ensuring the health of all components of your lawn, garden, and backyard. If you get in touch with professional service providers such as cf landscaping, you will be able to make your task substantially easy and smooth. It will be prudent if you get to know more here by browsing online on relevant sites.

Summers are the worst
The dry and hot weather conditions in the summers have the worst possible impact on the health of most gardens across the world. The sun beats down with all its might making life tough for the green plants in your garden. Grasses start turning yellow. Hence, during this season, it is doubly crucial to handle the various gardening processes with perfection. If you fail to do it properly, life will be tough and beyond control pretty soon. The following tips should help you in getting the job done.

The optimum amount of water
The grass in your lawn needs more water than other seasons, but doing it too frequently is not a clever ploy. You must do it once or twice a day. At the same time, the quantity of water that you use must be proportionate to the size of your lawn. Too much water can have negative impacts even in the summer season. A lot of amateur gardeners do not understand this aspect. Hence, they end up doing worse things to the health of the plants in their garden or backyard. You must avoid this mistake at all costs.

Mowing appropriately is essential
Trimming too much or too little will also have adverse effects on the health of the grass. It is best that you get rid of about one-third of the green surface. If you cut more than that, the grasses will start turning yellow. The chlorophyll content in the blades is vital for grasses to perform photosynthesis. You can’t expect the desired results when the green surface area comes down to such an extent. So, use a high-quality mower with sharp blades to remove desired portions. Grasses also help in protecting the soil. So, slightly longer blades are more suitable during this time of the year.

Check the pH balance
In the summers, you must ensure that the soil in your garden does not have excessive pH. You must get in touch with professional landscapers to assess the quality of your land. It is beyond doubt that the health of all plants depends on the fertility of the soil.

Provide fertilizers
It is crucial to fertilize your soil from time to time. If you do it before the summer sets in, then the situation will be ideal. In case you missed your chance, it is never too late to do the right thing. You must purchase high-quality products to restore the fertility of the soil.